Kansas city bbq competitions

In a KCBS competition you cook 4 meats, chicken, ribs, pork shoulder, and beef brisket.

Teams are ranked by scores in each category, and the highest total overall score is crowned the Grand Champion, and the 2nd place overall the Reserve Grand Champion.

In the Past year Fire & Spice has placed:

Pork in the Park salisbury MD: 13th overall out of over 100 teams. Chicken 56, Ribs 22, Pork 23, Brisket 16th

Green Lane Smoke in the Valley: 12th overall out of 47 teams, Chicken 7th, Ribs 11th, Pork 21, Brisket 30th

Que for the troops levittown pa. RGC 2nd place overall 45 teams, Chicken 16, Ribs 3rd, Pork 15, Brisket 12th

Pork in the park Stamford CT.  7th overall 27 teams, Chicken 12, Ribs 2, Pork 18th, Brisket 2nd

Sams club BBQ tour Medford NY 3rd overall 25 teams, Chicken 4, Ribs 15, Pork 2, Brisket 7th

New Holland Summerfest new Holland PA.  10th overall out of 63 teams, Chicken 39, Ribs 17, Pork 16, brisket 5th

Sams Club BBQ tour(regional Chesapeake VA. 30 teams 11th overall Chicken 5th, Ribs 25, Pork 6, Brisket 17th

Keystone Classic Harrisburg Pa. 60 teams 4th overall Chicken 11, Ribs 10, Pork 2, Brisket 7th

Autumfest woodstock Va.  9th overall 40 teams Chicken 8, Ribs 11, Pork 19, Brisket 25th

As a side note Sammi won her own GC at the kids Q in New Holland!